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(Moment x Pianistka)

Straight Russian pedigree

CA & SCID clear

The breedings of Prize Tersk by fresh shipped semen and by on-site insemination, available throughout Europe. Frozen semen will be available pretty soon

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Since the birth of Faber Arabians, my stud farm dedicated to Straight Russian Arabian horses, and of my commitment to the preservation and positive evolution of the Russian lineages of Tersk, I have always had an acute awareness of the importance, in the selection, of the role of performances achieved by parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. in the sporting potential that is transmitted to their offspring. Thus, the choice of sires that I propose to my customers or to which I breed my mares is never made without a careful analysis and a strict selection so much of the horse itself, of its qualities: of type, morphology and temperament, and own results, than the performances of his parents and ascendants and what I can see that he passes to his descendants. The quality that I can offer today is the result of a very long-term work, the sum of all the efforts of breeders, trainers and managers over the years, from the creation of Tersk Stud, in the early 20th century until today.

This orientation is more precisely in line with the preservation of the Russian lines proven to be the most performant and in particular those lines which have shown a very high potential for the genetic transmission of sporting qualities, rare and quite exceptional lineages, by the generations of champions they have produced both on the racetrack, and more recently in endurance racing, as in the show ring. They are and remain performing and well-built horses, which retain the typically Arab beauty and the charismatic and spectacular attitude characteristic of the breed. According to me, the true Arabian Horse!

As I regularly follow the production of the Tersk Stud closely, I had not been without noticing the fantastic crosses that were carried out there in recent years, resulting from inseminations with the frozen semen of stallions deceased for a long time, themselves true legends: Muscat, Moment, Aswan, Mashuk. In 2018, I learned of the birth of a son of Moment, one of my favourite Russian stallions. How to know the role that intuition played when I felt a real emotional shock when I saw him in a photo. In his foal woolly coat, so fluffy, trotting alongside his beautiful mother Pianistka, Prize Tersk, the dark chestnut turning grey little miracle left me captivated, with a real heat radiating in the chest. A son of Moment … what an emotion! So I contacted Elena Werdenberg, who manages Tersk’s business relations with the foreign customers and is, among others, a fellow Judge, to express my interest in Prize Tersk. Two years later, a message from Elena: we want to know if you are still interested in him. I did not hesitate one second. The awesome dark grey, son of legendary Moment, from the very good damline of Pantomima, will join the collection of Russian stallions of Faber Arabians.

A historical moment, both for my stud farm and for the breeders and Arabian horses lovers around the world! So I invite you to explore the fantastic pedigree of Prize Tersk, the living miracle son of the legendary Moment.

Prize Tersk had been shown twice: Rising star of Tersk: 3rd of the colt foals class in 2018 and Athletic Cup: 1st of the class of the yearling colts and silver champion of the Junior males in 2019. 

We thank Bérengère Fayt of Faber Arabians for generously donating this breeding for auction

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  1. Gijs Sallevelt bid €600.00 on 27/05/2021 21:00

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