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Finding something that fits our delicate little Arabs' heads is always a pain, isn't it? Let alone if you also want a quality product, ánd something fancy!

But we have a solution for you! A custom made western set that will fit your horse perfectly and looks exactly how you wanted it to look!

Hand made by Exclusive Custom Leather Art, who has thorough experience with Arabian horses and their delicate feitures. Of course you are most welcome to bid on this item as well if you have a totally different horse breed, Ellen can make something stunning for every horse! Set consist of a bridle, breast collar and reins


Shipping costs from NL to be payed seperatly by buyer. Approx €7,25 within NL, or €13 within EU. Exact costs might deviate depending on chosen shipping method, weight, and volume of item.

After the knock-down buyer will be supplied with seller details for arranging shipping and payment of shipping.

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