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Mens sana in corpero sanem! Lord knows we need that right now...

Equine Assisted Coaching has long been proven to be extremely effective. Not just for getting to the bottom of the issue wáy quicker than with regular therapy or coaching, but also because of the calming effect horses have on humans. A calming effect that has actually been measured in heart rate and blood pressure. Unless there are vet bills, in which case horses are not so calming.

We offer you one coaching session with Shams Coaching, either at location in 't Zand, NH, or with your own horse at your own location. Shams Coaching has a strong focus towards accepting and loving yourself and most of all: loving life! If you are struggling, feeling like you are always overstepping your boundaries or letting others overstep your boundaries.. If you feel like there's something else you would like to do with your life but are weary of actually taking that (scary!) step... Shams Coaching is the right choice for you! The purpose of our life is to be happy 

Experience with horses is not needed, all excersises will be from the ground

Additional costs if on your own location: travel costs €0,28 p/km from Heemskerk

We thank Amy Zoutberg of Shams Coaching for generously donation this auction item

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  1. AnneliekeS bid €55.00 on 29/06/2021 22:36
  2. Willem jan Jansma bid €50.00 on 22/06/2021 21:45
  3. Annelieke stoop bid €45.00 on 14/06/2021 15:17
  4. Cynthia Koopmans bid €40.00 on 03/06/2021 08:45
  5. Annelieke Stoop bid €35.00 on 27/05/2021 21:30

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